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22 April 2016 @ 12:01 am
Project Lycanthropy-Virus CL {2/?}  
Title: Project Lycanthropy-Virus CL
Author: Me
Rating: M (for future chapters)
Pairings: None at the moment
Genre: Supernatural & Mystery
Summary: Leon goes missing for two weeks and no one knows where he could be. Said agent wakes up in the woods feeling odd, having no memory of what happened before. It’s not until a few days after being located that Leon notices some wolfy habits. Werewolf AU.
Disclaimer: Resident Evil or Biohazard belongs to Capcom.
Warnings: Un-beta-ed, Sexual relations, multiple types of sexualities, wolf behavior, violence, blood, and the lying government, OC

Current chapter: Strand 2 @ FF.net

Previous: Strand 1